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Before the start of cooperation, design and estimate documentation is made, in which the materials used are indicated, their quantity, color range, and cost of work. Repair of a turnkey bathroom includes dismantling old coverings, laying tiles, installing suspended ceilings, installing plumbing, as well as furniture (various shelves, mirrors, cabinets, and so on).

Experts use high-quality tiles of various shades and textures, which are resistant to high humidity, the formation of mold and other fungi. At the request of the customer, we combine several shades of tiles to create a refined interior.In conclusion, a statement of the work done, the client receives the warranty documents.


Renovation of the bathroom in the walls of our company implies a comprehensive service. For over 15 years we have specialized in construction and repair work in residential and office premises, offering the customer loyal prices, coupled with an outstanding result. Our team successfully copes with orders of any complexity and volume.



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General characteristics of the event bathroom renovation is a popular service that relies on the specifics of the room. In general, it is a labor-intensive process that involves the dismantling of plumbing and affects the water supply system. Despite the abundance of technical difficulties, the result of repairs in the bathroom should be primarily extremely functional and aesthetic.

Over the past decade, virtually all facilities under construction and infrastructure have been equipped with sets of plumbing equipment designed for people with limited mobility. There are many methods to simplify the lives of people who have lost their health and mobility, the main thing is to make the right choice of devices that would correspond to the nature of the disease of the disabled person and his physical abilities.


25 Years of Experience Service
in Home Maintenance Business

Often it is the repair of a small bathroom becomes the most difficult stage compared to all other areas of work during the overhaul of the entire apartment. And there are several reasons for this, the main of which is the small area of the bathroom.

We approach each client individually. Our employees offer them several options of solutions from which he will be able to choose what he likes and will correspond to the material possibilities. We guarantee that Shower room remodel and toilet will be carried out with high quality. Warranties are written in the contract.

Bathroom contractors

Remodel of a turnkey bathroom can be performed by both a private craftsman and a team of craftsmen, which may include such experts as an electrician, plumber, tiler, and finisher. Cooperation with a private trader, of course, will cost less, but quality guarantees, in this case, are reduced. We offer the services of professionals in this business. All work will be done on time and with a guarantee for many years.

Remodel of a turnkey bathroom can be performed by both a private craftsman and a team of craftsmen, which may include such experts as an electrician, plumber, tiler, and finisher. Cooperation with a private trader, of course, will cost less, but quality guarantees, in this case, are reduced. We offer the services of professionals in this business. All work will be done on time and with a guarantee for many years.

Shower room remodel

To save money, people went to the store, bought the material themselves, not having information about its properties, and then tried to somehow bring the room in order. But! The practice has shown that this approach is not entirely correct because instead of saving money, people get even bigger problems associated with the need for rework.

Our company is ready to offer a budget option for a shower room remodels. This does not mean that it will not be made with high quality or with the use of cheap, low-grade building materials. The whole secret is in the list of works, which includes the described service.

Immediately I would like to note that we undertake the remodel of any complexity, regardless of the area of the room, its configuration. Experts will choose the best option for you. So, low-cost shower room remodel can be made in one of three formats.

If we are talking about a room in which there is only a toilet, then its remodel in an economy version will involve dismantling, floor tiling with ceramic tiles, and walls with plastic panels. Another ceiling is mounted, a lamp is connected, a toilet bowl and additional accessories are attached.

One more option of budget and stylish shower room remodel is available to our clients.

In this case, the list of work performed still includes mounting the sink, a screen of plastic under the bath. If you are interested in this offer, you can call us and get advice.

Rustic bathroom renovations

The bathroom is one of the special rooms in your apartment, and its remodel should be approached with special attention. After all, it is here in large quantities and often pours water, in this room, there are large differences in temperature and humidity. For the proper and rational organization of finishing work, you should be firmly aware of how to start remodels in the bathroom and have an idea of the sequence of remodels.

Bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodel NY

Our company provides cosmetic and capital remodel bathroom turnkey in New York for those who appreciate not only low prices, but also confidence in every detail. We have been engaged in the remodel of the bathroom for more than 10 years and are ready to document the quality of ALL the work in the budget.

But this is not the most important. The most important thing is the attitude towards people. Family, warmth and love. We do our business conscientiously, so that you can enjoy your new bathroom and remember us with warmth. We work people proven over the years. Most of them are from the very beginning of the company. This is a family with its own rules and principles. And each of them — a man with a great experience.

Bathroom remodel

Highly qualified and experienced specialists of our company apply the latest technologies in their work and follow all established environmental standards. Services of our company are recommended to friends and acquaintances. This once again demonstrates the high level of professionalism of the company’s specialists. You can contact us if you just want to make an inexpensive cosmetic bathroom remodel or a complex major remodel of a non-standard object. We will cope with any task.

 Bathroom renovations

The secret of our company’s success lies in using the most advanced building technologies. We are not afraid to use the latest methods for renovations turnkey bathrooms, because it greatly speeds up the workflow and gives high results. Also for the repair of bathrooms turnkey specialists of our company use only high-quality, environmentally friendly construction and finishing materials. Everything that will be used to repair your turnkey bathroom meets all the necessary standards of quality and safety. Need a quality bathroom renovations? Contact us, we will be happy to help!

Bathroom remodel Manhattan

Once at a time, every time comes to every house, when repairing a bathroom is no longer possible to postpone, because the old tiles and wallpapers with which the walls are plastered have lost their attractive appearance or, even worse, they gradually began to lag even behind the surface, and all pipes simply rusted to an impossible state.

Each bathroom should be a well-used space, no matter how large or small it is. Our company offers services for Bathroom remodel Manhattan. We will help you with the choice of style and interior of the bathroom if you can not decide on this.

Bathroom remodel New York

Determine a budget for a bathroom remodels New York. Knowing the fixed amount you can spend, you will understand what materials and equipment you can choose. This will set limits on prices, and also help determine the scope of work, namely, what can be replaced in the bathroom with a new one, and what remains the same. Update the existing interior. You can save a lot of money if you try to save some items in your bathroom, such as furniture or tiles. Just make sure they are still functional and have a presentable appearance. Old cabinets can be updated, if, for example, re-paint them, replace the accessories.

Bathroom remodel NUC

Bathroom remodels NUC can be as expensive as the rest of the rooms in the house. But if everything is well thought out, you can really save a lot. Be sure that you really want it and plan your work well. Proceed from the material considerations before proceeding with a major overhaul. Sketch the bathroom you would like. What will be located where? Think of all the details in advance. Consider your needs. Maybe you need a bigger bath, or a smaller one? Or maybe a better shower? Or your old plumbing in perfect condition and does not require replacement. But the walls and floor need to be updated. Think about what is really necessary and what is absolutely not necessary. So remake the bathroom can be faster and easier.

Remodel bathroom on a budget

A bathroom is a special room of an apartment or house where a person is given complete relaxation, taking a hot bath at the end of the working day, or enjoying family happiness while bathing a child. Therefore, it should cause only positive feelings. But over time, improvement of the walls in the bathroom is required. There are two basic principles of budget planning: from opportunities and from wishes. In the first case, everything necessary for repair is selected on the basis of a predetermined amount. In the second — in the estimate include equipment and materials in the quantity and quality that I would like to see in my bathroom and then calculate the costs.

Bathroom shower remodel on a budget

A stylish bathroom, decorated in accordance with the latest trends of modern fashion and equipped with high-class sanitary appliances, is expensive and you can decide to repair this small room only if you have a pretty decent amount. But what to do if there is no such possibility yet, and the current appearance of the relaxation corner is already pretty fed up with you and has lost its aesthetic appeal? There are many ways to improve your bathroom, while limiting yourself to low costs.

Bathroom improvements on a budget

The final budget for the repair depends on many factors: the cost of plumbing and finishing materials, the amount of work, the complexity of the design of the project. Trusting the repair of a bathroom to specialists, you can protect yourself from various unpleasant surprises that arise as a result of carelessness or lack of professionalism.

It is a little imagination — and an ordinary bathroom can be turned into a cozy space, where it is nice to have a contrast shower in the morning or a warm bath in the evening.

We will help you in such business as reconstruction and alteration of a bathroom on the budget. Your money will not be in vain. And your bathroom will shine with new colors.

Design Bathroom

Design Bathroom

The owners of small bathrooms feel that the lack of space limits their ability to decorate the interior stylishly and comfortably. Do not worry; there are many ways to make even a very small room cozy, beautiful and functional.  In addition, the design of a small bathroom is often more original due to bold decorative solutions and the rational use of space.

The design project of the bathroom is aimed at creating an interior in which it is pleasant and convenient to be. Since the bathroom is characterized by high humidity, there are special requirements for its decoration. However, despite this, the abundance of materials and design options allows you to create designer masterpieces and place in the bathroom not only plumbing equipment, but also decorative objects.

We do remodel  bathrooms for 15 years. But this is not the most important. The most important thing is the attitude towards people.

Family, warmth and love. We do our business conscientiously, so that you can enjoy your new bathroom and remember us with warmth. We work people proven over the years. Most of them are from the very beginning of the company. This is a family with its own rules and principles. And each of them — a man with great experience.

Bathroom ideas

Bathroom ideas

The main element of the bathroom is a shower or bath. Even in the smallest bathroom, you can place a bath, only then it will occupy most of the room and stay in the room will be uncomfortable. Therefore, for the arrangement of small bathrooms, it is better to choose a shower cabin. It will not clutter up the bathroom and will save space to accommodate the washing machine. Classic-size bathrooms allow the use of a bath, which can be placed both in the corner and under the window if the bathroom is in a cottage or a country house. Well, a large Jacuzzi will perfectly fit into an impressively sized bathroom interior design, which will become not only an excellent relaxing zone but also a full-fledged decoration of the modern style.

For the complete embodiment of the bathroom project in 2019, designers advise to adhere to such positions:

  • The space should be provided with space, good lighting, and ensure its ergonomic layout;
  • The need for space is satisfied through the proper selection of a palette of colors, the use of glossy and mirror surfaces;
  • Conceptual design, the relationship between all the details, clarity of lines and color contrast will create a harmonious design;
  • Strive to minimize the decorative elements, leaving only the most organic, because the presence in the interior of an object must be justified;
  • Humid environment dictates the need for lining the bathroom quality materials that are resistant to the effects of liquids;
  • Freshness, minimalism, originality, and in some cases even boldness — the main trends of the coming season;
  • At the same time, do not forget that in the desire to keep up with new ideas and intentions, it is important not to lose yourself. Choose exactly the style that you like and, starting from the general vector, add fashionable accents.


Since we are talking about jewelry, not to mention such useful accessories like a towel warmer and a mirror. Today, electric, water, and combined towel warmers are on the market. If the last two types are “tied” to the central water supply system, then the location of the electric towel rail can be chosen anyway, however, as well as the shape.

Designer models of dryers, made in the form of ladders, rings, spirals, etc., look very stylish. Such a thing will be a real «highlight» of the bathroom interior. Another useful accessory is the mirror. Without it, it is difficult to imagine a bathroom. Most often, the mirror is placed above the sink, sometimes it is built into the door of the hinged locker. By the way, today they are producing interesting models of wall cabinets, which are equipped with mirrored slider doors. With such furniture in the placement of an additional mirror is not necessary.

The most interesting design ideas are reflected in the photo of the interiors of bathrooms, of which there are a great many on the Internet. There you can find original ideas for arranging bathrooms for every taste and budget.

Bathroom makeovers price

Low budget bathroom remodel

To order, you need to call or leave a request on the site. After that, our designer will contact you, tell in detail about all the details of the work and arrange a meeting to measure the premises at a convenient time for you. Further, already at the meeting, you will fill in a questionnaire together, in which all your design wishes will be taken into account, you will sign a contract and you will be able to make a prepayment. Within two weeks, the designer will show you the first version of the design, in which you can make your own corrections.

You can also choose from a variety of ready-made bathroom design projects presented on the site. You can choose from the original design projects in various styles and at the same time inexpensive. You can adapt any of the presented projects to your apartment.

A design project is an individual approach to each room. The size, configuration, stylistic preferences of the owners — all these components will be taken into account during its development. Original and budget bathroom design? Easy!

Bathroom makeovers price

Before we start to remodel in the bathroom, we all would like to know the exact prices. And of course, see how the result of such attachments looks in real photos.

Our specialists are familiar with the features of the layout of both modern bathrooms and the rooms of the old foundation. Masters have great experience and specialized education.

The material is selected in accordance with the requirements of the client, the size of the budget and the services included in the estimate. If necessary, the foreman will help determine the choice of finishes, because each material has certain characteristics and purpose, advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on the condition of the premises, the wishes of the customer and his financial capabilities, we are ready to offer various options for repair work. Also, you can always count on professional advice and free budgeting.

Bathroom remodel under 10000

Bathroom remodel under 10000

The company has a permanent staff of workers — they are masters of wide profile. A bathroom is a private place of your home, where it is so pleasant to cheer up in the morning in a contrasting soul and to take off the tiredness accumulated during the day late in the evening. The bathroom should be comfortable for all family members so that it becomes a place where everyone is comfortable.

It is interesting and difficult to make remodels in the bathroom at the same time, because in a small space it is necessary to create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony, optimally arrange plumbing and household appliances, provide shelves for storing cosmetics and hygiene items, hide everything that is unnecessary from your eyes, and keep everything you need at hand.

Our company has been professionally engaged in bathroom remodel for over 10 years.

Our advantages:

  • We know hundreds of suppliers of building materials, worked with dozens of them, chose the most reliable;
  • Collaborated with many masters of various profiles, checked them in, invited to the staff the most experienced and talented;

the material base of remodels over the decade has changed beyond recognition, but we have been working all this time, the staff is familiar with all the building, facing materials of the old sample, so they are better at mastering new proposals.

A good name and authority is our main resource and your main guarantee because you cannot replace it with any discounts and ultra-profitable promotions.

Bathroom remodel for under 5000

Bathroom remodel for under 5000

The company carries out remodels to the bathroom of any complexity, taking into account all the wishes of customers. The involvement of narrow specialists guarantees the high quality of the bathroom remodel and the exact observance of the work schedule. We pay special attention to detail, and we invest in the remodel of the bathroom not only craftsmanship but also part of our own soul.

Remodel of the bathroom may include the replacement of plumbing, pipes, and risers, the installation of a shower stall, the replacement of electrical wiring, work with tiles, installation of suspended ceilings, finishing and any other types of construction services. All used materials and technologies have proven themselves in the remodel of bathrooms, perfectly withstand temperature changes and high humidity. Therefore, years after the renovation of the bathroom, it will look like new!

Bathroom remodel under 1000

Trusting us to make remodels in the bathroom, you can be sure that all work will be carried out quickly and without delay, and the end result will appeal to you and your loved ones. The warranty for bathroom remodels ranges from 5 to 20 years, but the best recommendation in favor of the company are examples of our work and positive feedback from customers who have already used our services.

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Interior Design

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More information..

Budget bath remodel

Traditionally, the reconstruction of the bathroom, the price of which is formed individually, includes the following activities:

  • Dismantling of communications;
  • Adjustment of the wall relief and leveling of the floors for subsequent finishing;
  • Alignment of ceilings, if it is required for high-quality cladding;
  • Electrical installation;
  • Installation and adjustment of plumbing;
  • Laying tile;
  • Ceiling trim.

Mid-century retool bathroom

For the ceiling cladding, waterproof materials are traditionally used — plastic panels, prefabricated aluminum profiles, battens, synthetic films, and moisture-proof drywall. The durability of the finish depends on a number of factors, ranging from the professionalism of the performer and ending with the efficiency of ventilation in the room.

Reconstruct my bathroom on a budget

Reconstruction of a bathroom with a small turnkey size requires engineering surveys in order to visually increase the area. Be sure to consider the location of the sink. It is desirable to carry out the reconstruction of a small bath with materials in bright colors — they significantly expand the lavatory space.

Small bathroom remodel

It will be the best solution if the bathroom is in fairly good condition. That is, sewer and water pipes are intact, there are no complaints about electrical wiring. In this case, you only need a bathroom finish. You can limit the renewal of the surface of the floor, ceiling, walls, as well as the replacement of plumbing. This option has several advantages. It is done fairly quickly, moreover, it does not require serious financial expenses, which will allow saving considerably. Our staff will perform all repair work as soon as possible.

Quick bath remodel

Quick bath remodels in several cases. First of all, a major quick bath remodel is needed in new homes. In addition, it is required if the room is in an inappropriate technical condition. And finally, this happens if the apartment owners want to completely change the design of the sanitary facilities, replace the existing engineering communications. An overhaul is needed if people want to combine a bathroom with a toilet, install a new plumbing fixture.

Bathroom repair

Bathroom turnkey renovated requires highly skilled workers, great experience. Specialists of the company should know everything about current trends in interior design. In addition, they should be able to work with exclusive building materials. Among other types, this repair is considered the most expensive, but at the same time the most high-class.

Improving the bathroom on a budget

The customer will be pleasantly impressed not only by the excellent result but also by the very pleasant price of building materials, as well as the low cost of services. People whose bathroom and toilet have been repaired by company employees never again compare repair with a natural disaster. On the contrary, they are waiting for the next to enjoy the next interior.

New bathroom remodel

Features and advantages of cooperation with us are a team of experienced pros who create and implement unique bathroom design projects. In our work, we take into account the wishes of the customer and the purpose of the room. For our projects, we choose modern materials with high moisture resistance. The client can independently determine the design concept or use the help of our specialist. Each phase of the project is under strict control. All work is warranted.

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Chief Executive Officer

team 2 Bathroom Remodel

President of Finance

team 3 Bathroom Remodel

Executive Vice President

team 4 Bathroom Remodel

Lead Engineer

team 5 Bathroom Remodel

Operational Manager

team 6 Bathroom Remodel

Construction Manager

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Cost Estimator

team 8 Bathroom Remodel



This type of repair is very labor intensive. Such a turnkey bathroom is relatively expensive and time-consuming. But in the end, the customer will receive a completely new beautiful and functional room in which he will be very comfortable. This kind of capital differs from the fact that among other things, it creates an exclusive design. At the moment, renovation is one of the most popular services provided by our company.

We comply with all agreed deadlines and provide guarantees for all works. Employees of our company are highly qualified and can carry out even the most difficult repair of toilet and bathroom «turnkey». Everything will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.